MAC’s Kitten Chicken and Shrimps


Complete dry food for kittens

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  • with cranberries and mountain herbs
  • 100% grain free
  • with Norwegian salmon oil & shrimp

MAC’s Kitten Poultry and Shrimp offers your cat everything it needs for healthy growth. The grain-free complete food was developed to increase the well-being of your kitten. Mac´s Kitten offers a balanced amino acid profile. Norwegian salmon oil is rich in omega fatty acids and ensures healthy skin and a shiny coat. Cranberries are natural acidifiers and can prevent bacterial bladder infections. Careful preparation and the addition of vitamins and minerals ensure that your cat’s nutrition is close to nature.

Poultry (50%, consisting of 38% poultry meat meal, 12% poultry fat), potato flakes (12%), peas (11%), sweet potato (11%), shrimp flour (5%), Norwegian salmon oil (2.4%), yeast , Lignocellulose, cranberries (whole, dried 1.5%), mountain herbs (1%), trace elements, vitamin mix, fructooligosaccharides, spirulina, yucca schidigera, taurine, L-carnitine, New Zealand green-lipped mussel.

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1.5 kg, 300gr