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Invoice Number INV-0043
Invoice Date 13th January 2022
Due Date 30th January 2022
Total Due €270.00
Hundeliebe Grenzenlos E.V.

Kurlandstrasse 9
24960 Glücksburg

+49 160 7128554

Flug 6.Februar Larnaka - Dusseldorf
1 Medium Box
2 Small Dogs
Depart Larnaka 05.25
Arrive Dusseldorf 11.35
Flight Nrs for Traces:
Larnaka Athens A3901
Athens Dusseldorf A3840

Please Read Notes / Allgemeine Infos:
The Ticket Share PRO Cat or Dog is EUR80.00 which will cover Return Flight, 2 PCR Tests necessary and other small Costs.
Plus relevant Crate Cost payable to AEGEAN. You CAN put more than 1 Cat or Dog in a Crate as long as there is enough room to be comfortable, which will make it cheaper.

1. The Charges for the Crates (medium or large) are for Aegean or other Airline and NOT for me. They can be paid to me on date of reserving the Ticket Share Spaces, in which case I will pay the Crate Charges for you on the Flight Date at the Aegean or LGS Counter, OR you can pay them on the Flight Date yourself at those Counters. The Charges are per Weight. Medium Crate up to 25kg is EUR 110.00 and Large Crate over 25kg is EUR 180.00.
2. Invoices for Ticket Share and Airline Crate Charges are for my own Convenience, so I can keep a Track on Flights, Payments and Payments done. You might NOT need an Invoice but if you do then just let me know to whom or which Organization you want it made out to.
3. First Come, First Served! ONLY paid for Ticket Shares can be assumed reserved. If there is a Airline Cancellation or Change of Flight Times I will either Refund or Advice on new Dates.
4. Meeting at Gate 13 outside Larnaka Airport around 3.00 to 3.15 am.
5. Tickets with Space for Animals in Hold or Cabin are hard to come by and not many people want to fly.
Due to Coshit-19 there are also other Costs for me such as a negative PCR Test to enter Germany (how do I know it's going to be NEGATIVE?? I just know!), getting to the Airport in Larnaka, parking fees, S or U-Bahn Costs etc etc.
The surest way to reserve a Place on any of the Flights is to pay the Ticket Share Cost straight away. ONLY then is the Share guaranteed. The Crate Costs can be paid on the Day of the Flight at the Airport Counter, OR it can be send to me and I will pay it for you on the Day.
Payments can be done via:
REVOLUT: +357 97682182
BANKOFCYPRUS ACCOUNT IBAN: CY11002001950000357536328748

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2 TicketShare

Part TicketShare

1 Med. Sized Crate

Aegean up to 25kg incl. their container)

Sub Total €270.00
Vat €0.00
Total Due €270.00

To Pay with PayPal use this Link

IBAN: LT91 3250 0791 4514 0046
Beneficiary: Manfred Kulemann
IBAN: CY11002001950000357536328748
Beneficiary: Manfred Kulemann