(This Service is separate from the Pet Rescue Service)

What is a Flight Companion

Flight Companion by Flightparent.com is a paid flight companion service for pets. Your pet will fly with me to anywhere in the world. In addition to handling the flying process with your pet, I can get your loved one to and from the airport as well through my other services and contacts in various parts of the world.
If you need to relocate your Pet (Dog, Cat etc) from Cyprus (Larnaca Airport) to Athens or further into Europe, and cannot travel yourself or do not know where to start, I can help.

My Services

  • Research airfares and make travel arrangements.
  • Escort your Pet from the departure airport to the destination Airport.
  • Source and supply if required the IATA Approved Pet Carrier.
  • Deal with the Airport check-in.
  • Carry Accessories onboard luggage.
  • In Cabin or In Hold Option. (Airline dependent)
  • Provide you with live Updates in Transfer Airports (optional)
  • Assist with Paperwork.

How does it work?

You need to relocate your Pet but cannot fly due to work or other reasons?

  • Your Pets needs to be travel ready, meaning must have ALL the necessary documentation like EU PET PASSPORT, TRACES if necessary. Your VET will be able to inform you which Paperwork your Pet will need depending on which Country he/she will fly to.
  • We will meet at the departing Airport (Larnaka). Pick Up from your Home is possible , but an extra Service and Charge will apply.
  • IATA Approved Crate must be either supplied by you or we can rent you one.Information on Crate Sizes can be found here.. If I supply the Crate, you will need to arrange at the Destination Airport a Transfer Crate so that ours can come back with me again.
  • I will handle ALL Check In Procedures incl. supplying fresh Water after Security check and double checking and securing Crate Doors with Cable Ties.
  • If there is a Transit Airport (i.e. Athens) I will provide if possible photographic proof of Transfer into the next Airplane.
  • At the Destination Airport I will receive the Crates at the Special Baggage Counter and deal with Customs If required and meet up with the Collection Party.
  • I can also arrange further travel to the destination HOME either with myself (taxi or pet transport company) or arrange a PET TRANSPORT such as Fellnasentaxi.de (in Germany), or 101 Pet Express (UK)

    The exact terms and amount of Pets I can take will depend on the specific airline. Basic Information on Prices and Sizes can be found here for various Airlines operating out of Larnaka Airport.

    What are your approximate Costs?

    That depends very much to where your Pet needs to go.My Airline Ticket will probably be the biggest expense but I have some experience in searching for the best deals available. Accommodation for 1 Night at the Destination Airport. (Again, I get special Prices at some Frequent Traveler Hotels)
    Transport to and from Airport, and a general Service Charge. All Expenses will be provided with a non binding quotation , once I know the exact Route to take.
    Please drop me a line to find or more or to tell me which Service from where to where you require.