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Animal Rehoming
Address: Molkereistraße 10
Description/About Shelter:

Animal Rehoming-is mainly working with (or for) forgotten, never seen, never wanted, rejected, invisible dogs in the Pounds and Kennels of northern Italy and dogs from Sicily who are struggling to survive.
They too should have a chance of a home.

Contact Phone Number: 038783901035
Country: Germany
Cats, foxes and raccoons-die Stimme der Tiere e.V.
Address: Tierschutzverein
cats, foxes and raccoons-die Stimme der Tiere e.V.
Großwaldstraße 18
66265 Heusweiler
Description/About Shelter:

Cats, foxes and raccoons-the voice of the animals e.V. is an animal welfare organisation that works nationwide for cats, raccoons, foxes and other wildlife. And also helps the cats abroad.

Our tasks:
– Nationwide adoption mediation of found cats
– Operating a nursing station for mediating cats
– Cooperation with animal rights activists and organizations worldwide
– Castration programs and emergency operations of cats worldwide
– Education and information about the raccoon and other wildlife animals
– Establishment, support and mediation of raccoon catchment facilities nationwide
– Operating a separate raccoon catching station for the Saarland
– Commitment to animal welfare in government and politics

Contact Phone Number: 0176-47682890
Country: Germany
Gluecksfellchen Tierhilfe e.V.
Description/About Shelter:

The Glücksfellchen Tierhilfe e.V. has set itself the task of dog rescue and dog re homing.
They mediate dogs from Romania directly from the killing station or from a reception station, which we support and which accommodates up to 250 street dogs.

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Country: Germany
Hunde in Not
Description/About Shelter:

Hunde in Not means Dogs in need:
Hunde in Not do not find dogs themselves and are neither an animal exchange nor an animal market.
Here animal protection societies have the possibility to present their animals free of charge. The use is and remains free for the participating associations.
Puppies and small dogs in need, mixed breeds, pedigree dogs from animal protection shelters in Germany available for re homing.

Country: Germany
Hundeliebe Grenzenlos
Description/About Shelter:

The association Hundeliebe – grenzenlos e. V. rehomes dogs in need and supports animal protection activists locally AND abroad.
Especially also for fur noses from killing stations, which have no one else to help them, who protects and cares for them and stands up for them every day.

Country: Germany
Katzenhilfe Zypern
Description/About Shelter:

Help for the Cats in Cyprus was started by Marion in January 2017, after a visit to the island.
The misery of the local animals cannot be ignored and I decided to help.
The Animals of the Cat Colonies are often very social, because they are used to tourists.
However, not everyone thinks well of them some feel disturbed by the cats. The beach, the restaurants and the street are definitely not a safe place. You can find poisoned or run over animals everywhere. Fortunately, we succeed with the helpers on the spot to place one or the other kitten in a loving and safe home.

Country: Germany
Mach ein Wunder-adoptiere eine Katze aus Zypern
Description/About Shelter:

This is more of a Group of Volunteers on Social Media than a Shelter, but I decided to include it anyway as they do excellent work in finding new Homes for Cats from Cyprus.
The aim of this group and its members is to find lovely homes for rescued Stray Cats from Cyprus, who are in great danger of being poisoned or crashed by cars due to evil humans.All cats are rescued from sad situations and despite their pain and suffering, they are showing unconditional love and give us daily lessons of kindness.

Country: Germany
Salvate-Canes e.V.
Address: Hauptstrasse 42a
Alfeld, Bavaria
Description/About Shelter:

Salvate-Canes is a registered, non-profit animal welfare organization, which is mainly working with and for stray dogs from Romanian Shelters and the support of these facilities.

There are many stray dogs in Romania. Dogs which are no longer wanted or needed by their owners get abandoned, puppies from unwanted litters which are abandoned soon after birth on the streets. Many do not survive these terrible conditions, are run over, or starve. But those who make it, continue to multiply uncontrollably.

You can help in many ways. Please follow this link to Salvate-Canes e.V. own Website(in German)

Website Address: Salvate-Canes Romania
Contact Phone Number: +49 173 5363114
Country: Germany
Tierheim Mannheim
Address: Max-Planck-Str. 101
Mannheim, Germany 68169
Description/About Shelter:

Our Mannheim animal shelter is a temporary place for ALL pets that have escaped or flown off, and for those that have been taken away from the owners due to animal abuse or for animals whose owners can no longer keep them.

Website Address: Tierheim Mannheim
Contact Phone Number: +49 621 311151
Country: Germany
Tierhilfe Anubis e.V.
Description/About Shelter:

Die Tierhilfe Anubis e.V., ist ein eingetragener gemeinnütziger Verein mit Sitz in Heidelberg.

Der allgemeine Zweck des Vereins ist die Förderung des Tierschutzes, wobei unser Hauptaugenmerk auf Spanien liegt: Wir helfen dort Not leidenden Katzen und Hunden, indem wir ihnen ein Obdach und unsere Zuwendung bieten, sie füttern, kastrieren/sterilisieren sowie medizinisch versorgen lassen. Und wir helfen, indem wir uns darum bemühen, für diese Tiere neue Besitzer zu finden, die ihnen ein richtiges Zuhause schenken. Das heißt, wir vermitteln Katzen und Hunde aus Spanien – sowohl nach Deutschland, als auch ins deutschsprachige Ausland.

Wir suchen Flugpaten

Website Address: Tierhilfe Anubis e.V.
Contact Phone Number: +49 6220 5578
Country: Germany