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Ammachostos Dog Rescue
Address: Paralimni
Description/About Shelter:

A Non Profit Organization working in Paralimni for the Love of Dogs. They provide ANIMAL RESCUE, RE-HOMING and ADOPTIONS.

Country: Cyprus
Animal Rehoming
Address: Molkereistraße 10
Description/About Shelter:

Animal Rehoming-is mainly working with (or for) forgotten, never seen, never wanted, rejected, invisible dogs in the Pounds and Kennels of northern Italy and dogs from Sicily who are struggling to survive.
They too should have a chance of a home.

Contact Phone Number: 038783901035
Country: Germany
Argos Animal Sanctuary
Address: P.O. Box 45522,
7540 Ormidhia,
Description/About Shelter:

At Argos we believe that every animal has the right to a happy and healthy life full of love. We do our best to make our dream happen. We currently give homes to over 300 cats and dogs that have been either abused, abandoned or injured. Our main aim is to care for them and ensure their well being until a new home can be found.
We provide a lifeline from the streets to the safety of our shelter. Help us to protect them, care for them and reach our goal of finding each animal a loving new home.

Website Address: Argos Animal Shelter
Contact Phone Number: +357 99 326045
Country: Cyprus
Cats, foxes and raccoons-die Stimme der Tiere e.V.
Address: Tierschutzverein
cats, foxes and raccoons-die Stimme der Tiere e.V.
Großwaldstraße 18
66265 Heusweiler
Description/About Shelter:

Cats, foxes and raccoons-the voice of the animals e.V. is an animal welfare organisation that works nationwide for cats, raccoons, foxes and other wildlife. And also helps the cats abroad.

Our tasks:
- Nationwide adoption mediation of found cats
- Operating a nursing station for mediating cats
- Cooperation with animal rights activists and organizations worldwide
- Castration programs and emergency operations of cats worldwide
- Education and information about the raccoon and other wildlife animals
- Establishment, support and mediation of raccoon catchment facilities nationwide
- Operating a separate raccoon catching station for the Saarland
- Commitment to animal welfare in government and politics

Contact Phone Number: 0176-47682890
Country: Germany
Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association (Cydra)
Description/About Shelter:

Cydra - Cyprus Dogsrehomingassociation
We are a volunteer network of dog lovers who have worked for several years in the various dog shelters in Cyprus, mainly in the Limassol and Paphos area, and also in Larnaca.
We understand only too well the difficulties that these shelters experience in the excellent work that they do.
One of the main problems that they all face is that the number of dogs coming into the shelters far exceeds the number they can home. To balance this supply and demand problem they have to regrettably resort to euthanasia.

Our association exists to promote the re-homing of dogs from the shelters we are partners with both into Europe and within Cyprus itself and we operate with the full approval of the Animal Health and Welfare Division of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus.

Whilst we appreciate all the amazing work done on the island by many people to re-home Cyprus dogs and cats, to ensure that CYDRA always operates within the law and to maintain are standards at all times, we will not accept requests to advertise dogs that are not sponsored by CYDRA and we will not accept requests for donations or funding.

Website Address: Cydra
Description/About Shelter:

We are a private rescue dedicated to rescue, foster and re homing of disabled cats and kittens of Cyprus. We re home locally or anywhere in Europe and UK.

Country: Cyprus
Elafi Hall of Fame
Description/About Shelter:

ELAFI Animal Hall Of Fame™ was created by the ELAFI Animal Welfare Awards™ to honour brave and inspirational rescued animals from Cyprus and the European Block.

Animals that have been through the horrors of living as strays, being abandoned, put in pounds and shelters, abused, dismembered, ill! They have overcome their difficulties, forgiven humans and have gone on to be heroes either by performing acts of bravery or being inspirations to those going through tough situations.

Country: UK
Fellnasen Nothilfe e.V.
Description/About Shelter:

We are a non-profit animal protection association registered in Germany, which is committed with a lot of heart and soul to helping poor fur noses in Romania. Our animal love and local partner on the ground -Delia- has built her own private animal shelter in Prejmer (Braşov) in the summer of 2017. Currently there are about 200 dogs living there, which are lovingly cared for by 3 employees.

Country: Romania
Friends of Larnaca Cats
Description/About Shelter:

Friends of Larnaca Cats is a small group of dedicated volunteer animal lovers. They came together because they are concerned about the condition of stray, street and feral cats in their area, many of whom live in dire conditions, struggling to survive off the food they are able to scavenge. Currently there is no government supported initiative to neuter feral populations and so cats are stuck in an ongoing cycle of breeding. Life for feral cats is short and full of risk from injury, disease and starvation. There is a shocking death toll amongst young kittens.
Friends of Larnaca Cats has a small sanctuary (Sandy's Place) in the Larnaca district where a population of adult cats and kittens are cared for. We try to home as many of these cats as we can.

We receive no government funding and the group's existence is totally reliant on volunteers and donations. Your support is welcomed... please visit their Website, spread the word... and if you are able, volunteer, donate, foster or adopt one of our lovely cats :-)

Friends of Larnaca Cats


Website Address: Friends of Larnaca Cats
Country: Cyprus
German Shepherd Rescue Cyprus – GSDRC
Description/About Shelter:

This is a group dedicated to the promotion, rescue and rehoming of German Shepherd Dogs found around the island of Cyprus.

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