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Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection

Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection
Description/About Shelter

Guardians of Chinese Animals is an international organization founded in UK. We campaign for closure of slaughterhouses and compassionate treatment.
We support Chinese and International animal rights volunteers in China who save animals, by posting videos, photos, blogs about their tireless work, and by use the donation account provided by the Chinese animal protection Groups to collecting donations for them and for the saved animals. We do not represent volunteers and we do not collect the donations on their behalf. All the donations will directly go to their donation account. Our page just a propaganda page. Because China Block the Facebook, Through this platform we hope to bring the world's attention to the Tragic situation of Chinese animals .We are independent from any volunteer groups . We campaign for closure of slaughterhouses in China, strict legal ban of dog meat, cat meat, end of fur production, end of bile production, end of torturing animals, abusing animals, cruelty on animals, caging of animals, neglecting animals in China, for government and legal upholding of animal rights in China, for treatment of animals only with compassion and care, for cultural and social shift of consciousness towards animals - they are not our properties to do with them what we like. Animal have rights on our planet Earth and humans have to respect their rights. Animals do not exist on our planet to provide food, leather, fur for humans. Guardians focuses on animal rights in China while we also care for animal rights in the whole world and we do not support the farming of animals and the production of meat anywhere in the world. However at this stage we focus particularly on dog and cat meat production which takes place in China, Korea, SK, Thailand, Vietnam to the exception of the rest of the world, and we campaign passionately to end it in 2016. We believe in growing compassion in China and shifts of consciousness towards animals on a national, socio-cultural scale. We believe in the West and the East of our planet Earth, joining together in peace and support for each other, positively, constructively and focused on our common goal.

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