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Tala Monastary Cats

Tala Monastary Cats
Description/About Shelter

Tala Monastary Cats are a Volunteer group who feed and care for the cats that live at Ayios Neophytos Monastery, Tala.
For many years, stray cats have lived around the Agios Neofytos Monastery in Tala, Paphos.

By June 2011 this number grew to a steady colony of approximately 70 cats, all living at the Monastery Cafe. The colony was moved down the road to the existing site of the Cat Park where volunteers fed the cats twice per day. Cats were regularly dumped but the numbers always stayed the same, as some cats died through illness or infection and kittens sadly rarely survived.

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Tala Monastery Cats
Igoumenou Leontiou Ave,

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