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Friends of Larnaca Cats

Friends of Larnaca Cats
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Friends of Larnaca Cats is a small group of dedicated volunteer animal lovers. They came together because they are concerned about the condition of stray, street and feral cats in their area, many of whom live in dire conditions, struggling to survive off the food they are able to scavenge. Currently there is no government supported initiative to neuter feral populations and so cats are stuck in an ongoing cycle of breeding. Life for feral cats is short and full of risk from injury, disease and starvation. There is a shocking death toll amongst young kittens.
Friends of Larnaca Cats has a small sanctuary (Sandy's Place) in the Larnaca district where a population of adult cats and kittens are cared for. We try to home as many of these cats as we can.

We receive no government funding and the group's existence is totally reliant on volunteers and donations. Your support is welcomed... please visit their Website, spread the word... and if you are able, volunteer, donate, foster or adopt one of our lovely cats :-)


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