Karlie Nomad Transport Box


Karlie Nomad Transport Box

  • Plastic transport box for dogs. Roomy, very robust and light box with handle, metal door (changeable door hinge) and water bowl.
  • Upper and lower parts can be stored inside each other. The two halves are attached to each other with 5 sturdy and lockable hinges.
  • Necessary safety screws for travel in train or plane (thumbscrews – no tools necessary) are included.
  • Wheels are optional and are supplied seperately

Die Nomad Haustier-Transportbox ist die perfekte Wahl, wenn Sie Ihr Haustier während einer Reise mitnehmen wollen. Die Flugbox wird ohne Rollenset geliefert. Die Rollen müssen separat bestellt werden.

Diese Hundetransportbox ist bei allen europäischen Luftfahrtgesellschaften zugelassen, sodass sie sich für den Transport Ihres Haustiers auf Flugreisen hervorragend eignet. Sie dient auch als temporäre Raumlösung für Ihr Haustier im Auto bzw. beim Besuch zum Tierarzt.


With the Karlie Nomad Transport Box, you can safely and comfortably transport your furry friend by car, boat, train, or plane. This box meets the IATA guidelines, which means that European airlines cannot refuse it.
The box features ventilation slots, a drinking bowl, and wheels for easy movement.

  • Material: plastic
  • IATA compliant
  • Easy to move with 2 handles
  • Side clips with safety lock
  • Metal door with twist lock
  • Including a removable feeding and drinking bowl
  • Including 4 removable wheels, 2 with parking brakes ( Wheels are optionally supplied and are not standard)

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Karlie Nomad L 81x56x59cm, Karlie Nomad M 68x51x47cm, Karlie Nomad S 61x40x40cm, Karlie Nomad XL 90x60x68cm, Karlie Nomad XS 51x33x33cm, Karlie Nomad XXL 100x67x75