SKUDO Transport Box Various Sizes


Skudo Transport Box:The perfect transport box for air travel! Ideal for hotel stays or exhibitions. Note the practical utensils and document compartments. The snap closures ensure a secure locking. The metal door on the front is equipped with the safety lock “Dual Control”. “Skudo IATA” for small dogs and cats is available in different sizes. Most airlines accept “Skudo”, please inquire with the airline before.

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Skudo IATA Approved Pet Travel Crate An Illustration about how to choose the right Crate for your Pet.

  • High-quality transport cage for dogs and cats
  • Made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Comes with a practical handle at the top
  • The door is made of strong metal with smart locks
  • Skudo Cyprus

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Choosing the Right Carrier or Crate for the Trip

This is one of the most important steps in ensuring your pet’s safety when traveling. A good-quality carrier not only contains your pet during transit, it also gives him a safe, reassuring place to stay when confinement is necessary at your destination. Acclimate the animal before the trip so he views the crate as a cozy den, not a place of exile.

If you plan to travel by car, a carrier will confine your pet en route, and also may come in handy if Spot or Snowball must stay in the room unsupervised. A secured crate will prevent your pet from escaping from the room when the cleaning staff arrives, or at night if camping in the open.
If you plan to travel by airplane, make sure the Crate you buy is IATA approved.

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Skudo Nr 2 L 55 X W 36 X H 35 Cm, Skudo Nr 3 L 59 X W 37 X H 38 Cm, Skudo Nr 4 L 68 X W 48 X H 51 Cm, Skudo Nr 5 L 79 X W 59 X H 65 Cm, Skudo Nr 7 L 105 x W 73 x H76 cm